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Hello, a little bit about me and why I am running for school committee:

My Main Objectives; 

  • In person learning FULL time in September 2021 OR full distance learning option.

  • Transparency between School Committee and tax payer by giving direct and specific answers.

  • Teachers should not have to do two jobs at the same time. 

  • Having the School Committee and tax payers in control NOT the teachers union. 

  • Once elected I will keep advocating for families and tax payers at the forefront on all future issues.

Hello and thank you for coming to my webpage. I am running for School Committee because I am passionate about getting kids back to school.  


I grew up in Rehoboth and graduated Dighton-Rehoboth High School and have a career as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (L.M.H.C.).  I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Rhode Island College, Masters Degree in Counseling from Providence College and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (C.A.G.S.) from Rhode Island College.  


In my profession and personal life I have seen kids struggle severely with distance/online learning. Depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation and self harm for students during the isolation distance learning is increasing at alarming rates.


I am running because I believe its the school committees responsibility to offer both in person (full time) and remote if needed/wanted.  I want to advocate for teachers as well, to try to reduce them having to do two jobs at once.  Teaching online and in person is causing stress and burnout.  Other districts have been successful in this and feel we can do the same just have to do the work and I am willing to do it. 

The School committee needs to be transparent with families.


I want information out in a timely manner.  


I WILL answer questions DIRECTLY and SPECIFICALLY and not give tax payers the run around when questions are asked.  

I believe the tax payers NOT the teachers union should be in charge of the school system.  

The numbers need to spelled out and done for who wants to return to school and who wants to continue remote.  We need transparency to make this happen and make in person learning work as well as the budget. This will help navigate the spacing concern whether it be 6ft or 3 ft.  We need to do the numbers to make this happen.  

Once elected, I will keep advocating for families and tax payers. We need a voice and I will use mine to get answers as well as things accomplished.  I do not procrastinate and am productively aggressive. I know getting students back full time is temporary and just a part of why I am running. I will continue to take future issues with the district as passionately as I am advocating for in person learning.


I do have Facebook and will post on my page but will continue not to comment unproductively on social media, I will not block or censor anyone ever for commenting on my page. Feel free to private message me on Facebook, email me, or click on the let's chat icon to get questions answered. I will be posting answers on this page but will leave out if preferred who asked the question.  

If you would like a sign please chat, email, or Facebook message me! 

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